Parc Avenue Tonight is the first (and only) micro talk show that attempts to be both discriminating and representative as it looks out to Mile End’s fascinating demographic of artists, designers, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs, birds and other amusing creatures.

The show’s aim is to spotlight some of the unique and creative people that live, work and play in Montreal’s affable Mile End. We wanted to produce a compact (thus affordable) program where we could discuss nothing in particular with the people we see everywhere, but don’t necessarily know alot about.

Several interviews will be released over the course of the next few months at the regular interval of one per week. We hope you like them and that you check in every week to see who’s milling about our set. The show is available on our website, VIMEO, and the ever trusty, YouTube. We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed if you’re into that sort of thing.

Show Credits

Creator and Host
Dimitrios Koussioulas

Director of Photography and Editor
Matus Racek

Production Manager
Natalie Vansier

Camera 1&2
Matus Racek

Camera 3
Alan Kohl
J.B. Goudet

Equipment and Technical Advice Provided by
Panos Koussioulas
Alan Kohl
Elias Varoutsosredits
Chris Alsop

Special Thanks
Tereza Racekova
Jozef Racek
J.B. Goudet